My mission as a county councilman will be to serve the public with honesty and integrity, to provide essential services through an efficient and effective use of county resources, and to be accountable and accessible to the citizens of district 2 and all citizens of Oconee County.

When elected, I will promote financial accountability within our county government.  Our county does not budget.  They simply build an annual spending plan.  The county covers this spending in one of three ways; they either dip into the emergency reserve fund, raise our taxes or, as was the case last year, both. My number one priority will be to stop tax increases in their tracks. 

In addition to establishing financial control I will:

  • Work with our municipalities and rural communities to encourage economic development that provides for the creation of good paying jobs within the county.
  • Provide transparency – Thoughts, feelings, and motives are easily perceived and information is accessible and open to public scrutiny.
    • A citizen shouldn’t have to “know someone” to know what’s going on in their government.  With the ease of technology, public business should be accessible at your fingertips.
  • Customer Centered – We are here (elected and appointed officials, and department heads and staff) to put the citizens at the center and to create a positive experience.
  • Empower the public through civic engagement and collaboration.

Together, we will build a better county, a county that thrives economically, while maintaining that rural small-town community feel.  We deserve a clean, safe, friendly environment for our families; a place where we can work, play and raise our children.  Oconee County is a great place to live.  Together, we can make it even better.

It will be a privilege and honor to serve you. Together, we can NIP TAX INCREASES IN THE BUD!