Oconee County Infrastructure is witnessing a significant advancement with the Sewer South Project. As of now, the project is 39% complete, demonstrating efficient progress in enhancing the county’s sewer system. This update provides insights into the current status and future prospects of this crucial infrastructure development.

The approximate value of work installed to date is $4,590,893, which is approximately 39% of the total pending contract amount. The project appears to be on schedule and, depending on the final delivery schedules for the pumps, is currently slated for completion in early summer of 2024. It is also currently $468,000 under budget.

The contractor has installed a portion of the Phase 1A 24” gravity sewer from the Golden Corner Pump Station to the bore location under SC Hwy. 59, with the exception of the portion crossing the creek on piers (aerial crossing). Additionally, the contractor has set up a bore pit for the 12” force main creek crossing on Broomway in Phase 1B.

The 1,080 linear foot directional boring 20 feet below Lake Hartwell has begun, and the drilling subcontractor has completed the pilot hole for the bore. They will be reaming the pilot hole over the next few weeks.

Original contract amount: $12,311,447.00

Issued Change Order No. 1: ($467,994.79)

Current contract amount: $11,843,452.21