Glenn Hart and myself voted against the FY 2022 budget. The General Fund budget that passed, against the vote of Mr. Hart and myself, was$56,888,430. This was a $4.5 million increase over the previous year, or an 8% increase in one calendar year.

It was a $10.7 million increase since FY 2018, or a 23% increase in 5 years.

This is unprecedented growth of the county government. It’s also way outside of normal for South Carolina counties of similar size and demographics.

I firmly believe the people of Oconee County do not support the growth of county government at this alarming of a rate.

We all know that our county is growing, but the growth and scope of county government should not outpace the growth of the county as a whole.

During the budget process I also repeatedly requested a public meeting for a line item review of the budget. That was repeatedly declined by the 3 member council majority.