Oconee County Sheriff’s Department Ride Along
On Friday night, I had the honor of riding on patrol with Deputy Rashad Crooks. It was incredibly busy. We went immediately from one call to the next, crisscrossing different parts of the county.

To say I’m impressed with the deputies and dispatchers is an understatement. They engaged with the community with the utmost respect and professionalism, handling and navigating complex and tense situations successfully. The precise communication between the dispatchers and deputies was very impressive, and the teamwork demonstrated as deputies backed each other up in tense situations revealed a snippet of a brotherhood that most of us do not understand.

I met two deputies who are former firefighters and two who are former Marines, men who have dedicated their lives to service. Oconee should be very proud of the deputies serving and protecting us.

On a side note, Rashad and I played high school football against each other – he at Seneca, and I at Daniel. Twenty-three years ago, as we competed against each other under those Friday Night lights on Gignilliat Field, I don’t think we could have ever imagined we’d be riding in a patrol car on a Friday night under blue lights together.

I walked away Friday night with a much greater understanding of the complexities and challenging dynamics of the job our men and women in blue perform. My thanks go to Deputy Crooks, Alpha & Charlie Shift, and Sheriff Crenshaw for allowing me to tag along.

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